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“The Ark” by Avner Moriah

In this age of unprecedented change, business leaders yearn for enduring wisdom and inspiring role models. In LEADERSHIP IN THE BIBLE: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR TODAY (published by iUniverse in partnership with Berrett Koehler), management consultant Paul Ohana and psychologist David Arnow provide examples from the business world and contemporary society that illustrate the relevance of biblical stories to the trials we face as 21st-century decision makers.

“Many books that look to the Bible for wisdom are preachy and seek to make readers more religious,” Arnow says. “Our goal is to extract essential lessons from familiar stories that will help you make more effective decisions today.”As a management consultant, Ohana has been training clients in leadership for over 40 years. Arnow, a psychologist, has decades of leadership experience in the non-profit sector. While both share a formidable track record in leadership, they also share something else—years of immersion in the study of the Bible.

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About the Cover Art: “The Ark” by Avner Moriah

Avner Moriah was born in Jerusalem in 1953. He received his BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Architecture in Jerusalem and his MFA from Yale University’s Graduate School of Art and Architecture. His paintings have been acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Jewish Museum in New York, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Holocaust Museum in Washington, the Skirball Museum in LA, and private collections throughout the world. His illuminated book of Genesis is in the collections of the library of Congress, the Metropolitan, the Vatican, Harvard, Yale, NY Public Library, UCLA and private collectors. The artist can be contacted here.