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Nicholas Sarkozy Should Take a Lesson From The Bible


When Nicolas Sarkozy made his comeback, everyone had the same questions in mind. Did he change? Does he recognize what he did wrong in his presidency?

And when he finished his interview, almost all the commentators focused on these questions. That’s because it is so rare to find a high profile leader who will recognize his mistakes.

Sarkozy could take a look at the Bible. When God saw what humanity did with the world, God said, “I regret that I made them.” God knew it was time for a fresh start with Noah—new people, new ideas, new proposals.

What’s the lesson? Recognize what was wrong and start again on the right foot. That was God’s approach. Shouldn’t Sarkozy do the same?

Paul Ohana is co-author with David Arnow, Ph.D., of Leadership in the Bible: A Practical Guide for Today

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